What's It All About?



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A brief explanation of what the Connectionalism thing is all about.

·  When we become a member of a United Methodist congregation, we become a member of the total United Methodist connection.

·  That connection is like a network of interdependent and interrelated relationships among persons in groups at local, regional, national, and international levels.

·  Even with over 8 million members and 43,000 clergy, we are still the Body of Christ called United Methodists who send missionaries and ourselves into the world.

·  We reach out in times of need and disaster;

·  We minister in more than 100 Methodist colleges and universities;

·  We support 13 theological schools for training of pastors;

·  We work together to accomplish the will of God;

·  We have promised that we will handle 4 basic things: Prayers, Presence, Gifts, & Service

·   We don’t have to do everything for ourselves like a “stand alone” church would, for we have the support that allows us to do more than that which we could do alone.

We are a connection, we are together, and this is important to our faith!