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What We Believe:

We believe God is creator, redeemer, and ruler of life.  God created us in his own image. We believe that God saves and grants eternal life. God’s grace looks beyond our faults and recognizes our weak and frail nature and forgives and love.  God the Father, Almighty, encompasses Mother and Father.


We believe in God the Father, we believe in God the Son. We believe that Jesus was in heaven with the Father from the beginning.  We believe that Jesus is homoousios (of the same substance, or of the same thing) Truly there was no time when God existed as solitary without the Son.  We believe that God became flesh for the salvation of humankind.  The son that was born of the Virgin Mary as a result of the power of the Holy Spirit died on the cross for us.  Therefore, we believe that Jesus Christ will come again triumphantly in the power and authority of God to judge the world but also grant the faithful ones a home in glory with him.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.  The work of the Holy Spirit is to draw us to an experience with Christ.  The Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we pray in order that we might hear from God. The work of the Holy Spirit convicts us that we are sinners in need of saving, therefore, it is through Christ Jesus that we are reconciled to God.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is the power of God in the church.


The life of the church and the life of a Christian would be impossible without the Holy Spirit. We believe the church is the gathering  place for the community of those who confess faith in Jesus Christ, participate in baptism (symbolic rite of death and resurrection) receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (new life) and the gathering of common worship and the celebration of the (Eucharist)

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