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LIFE, Fellowship and Study Groups


LIFE groups are available most weekdays and normally range from 8-12 people.  Most meet in homes, offering a relaxed atmosphere where people can genuinely get to know each other while studying the Bible together.   There are also several Fellowship groups and Bible Study Groups.  Please read descriptions below to find one that fits your needs and interests.  Once you find a group, contact that group’s leader through the church office.

Sunday Evening: Singles
Ministry Group

Meets at Callaway Hall Library at the church

The Singles group comes together Sunday evenings for a fun, energetic time of fellowship to discuss and learn more about relationships. They meet in the library at 7:00 PM and at various other locations for fun events.

Tuesday Evening

Meets at Alison Whitney's House

This group is for women to come together for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and accountability.  We offer a chance to go deeper into God’s word with other women of faith.  We meet at 7:00pm every week.

Monday Morning:
Friends of the Bible

Meets at Callaway Hall Library at the church

We study the Bible as well as other special books throughout the year.    We start with prayer, read a chapter of the Bible or book then discuss what was read.  We meet from 9:30 - 10:30am each week.  For more information contact Stan Halterman through the church office.

If you are interested in learning to sign, we have classes to learn American Sign Language on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00pm. The class runs for ten weeks, beginning in September.  We have both beginning and advanced classes.  New participants are welcome to join any time during the 10 week period.  Our sign language class expands into a dynamic signing choir that participates with the Chancel Choir in seasonal programs such as the Easter and Christmas cantatas.

American Sign Language

Meets in Rooms 102 & 103

of the Family Life Center at the church

Wednesday Morning

Meets in Room 22 of the Education Building at the church

This group is specifically for parents to fellowship with others who can relate to child-rearing challenges and to strengthen parenting skills in a loving, Christian environment.  We use a Bible-based curriculum to face these challenges with God’s guidance.  Although we meet on the preschool campus, those raising children of any age are welcome to join us for camaraderie.  We meet at 9:15am every week.  Contact Pam Riddick for more information.

Thursday Evening

Meets at Tom Turner's House

This group shares prayers and concerns followed by in-depth Biblical studies.  The group is also involved in local service projects, such as preparing meals for the church youth group and serving meals at the Coalition for the Homeless.  Contact Tom Turner at 407-281-0477 for more information.  We meet every week, except for the 4th week of the month, at 7:00pm.

Wednesday Morning

Meets at Bertha Edward's House

This group meets at 9:00am, but does not meet on a weekly basis.  Contact Paul Darlington for information.

Wednesday Evening

Meets at MaryLou Viehman's House

This is a women’s group that studies the Bible and how it applies in our daily living.  We meet at 7:00pm each week.

Young at Heart

Meets at the Family Life Center at the church

Conway Young at Heart activities are designed for adults 50 and older.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for fellowhip, learning, service, support, and spiritual growth.  We invite you to join us on the third Thursday of every month for a potluck lunch and entertainment.  We have speakers or musical groups or bingo.


This group is very active and often goes on day trips to the theater and dining afterwards.  They also plan at least one multi-day trip each year.  For more information contact Stan Halterman through the church office.

Craft Fellowship

Meets in Room 103 of the Family Life Center at the church

This fellowship group creates small hand-made items, such as holiday ornaments, greeting cards, and pins that are sold at the church’s annual Conway Days Fall Festival.  Money earned from the sales is donated to the church Scholarship Fund, the Good Samaritan Fund, and Vacation Bible School.  The group meets each week on Thursday at 3:30pm.  Contact Carol Egolf or Madeline McCamy for more information.

Friday Morning Men's Bible Study

Meets at Callaway Hall Library at the church

We seek to hold each other accountable as men of God through our thoughts, words, and deeds.  We study various books of the Bible using the Navigator Study guides.   We meet each week from 7:00 - 8:00am via ZOOM.  For more information, contact Tom Turner through the church office.

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