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Giving at Conway


Conway United Methodist Church offers several ways for you to experience God through the giving of your contributions.  Consider each as you commit to giving regularly to your church.


Traditional Giving

  • Place a completed  envelope in the offering plate in the Sanctuary lobby on Sundays

  • This has the benefit of real time, personal, interactive worship during Sunday service

  • Drop off your offering at the church office during regular office hours.


Electronic Giving


  • No more “last minute” check writing

  • Your contribution can continue even when you're out-of-town or on vacation

  • Online Donations allow for automatic weekly or monthly contributions


Online giving provides a fast, convenient, and secure way for you to give one-time or recurring gifts to the church.  If this is your first time using Conway's online donation service, we recommend you create a user profile.  This stores your user information so you don't have to reenter it for each gift.  

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