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Prayer Opportunities

 "...pray for one another..." (James 5:16)


On your own, or with others, pray to God about the needs, sorrows, and joys of others.














Ways to Request Prayer

Prayer team members receive the church's prayer list via email or phone call each week and will pray for your request.  You can add your request to the list one of several ways:

  1. On Sundays, if you're at in-person worship, use the Prayer request card in the pews.  Simply write down your request and place the card in the offering plate or in the Prayer box in the lobby.  If you're watching online, place your prayer request in the chat window on Facebook or YouTube.

  2. Contact the church office at 407-277-5010.

  3. Fill out the request form to the right for our email prayer chain.

  4. For a rapid response prayer needs, contact our Phone tree prayer coordinator at 407-859-4906.

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