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Luke 24:36b-48

Taste and See

Rev. Dianne Davis

Sharing a meal with a stranger is more important than understanding or having the right answer. Sharing a meal with someone allows us to see each other as humans. Around the table, we share radical hospitality and grace. Moreover, around the table, we are equal, sharing the same food. After we share a meal with each other we are more likely to be open to those we might not have been open to before we shared a meal.  Fellowship is the basic message that Jesus conveyed.

April 11, 2021

John 20:19-31

Becoming A Believer

Rev. Dianne Davis


Everyone doubts; Jesus understands when we doubt. Some of us get faith with our minds and others with our hearts. Thomas wanted to see Jesus for himself. So many of us are like Thomas, we want to see him for ourselves.  We want that personal experience. Jesus appeared a second time and Thomas saw the nail prints in his hand and he put his hand in his side, and believed! Jesus said to Thomas, "Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe." Thomas represents all of us in our moments of doubts. The good news is Jesus does not dismiss Thomas nor us. Jesus meets us where we are. Jesus comes back to Thomas and he comes to us and shows the marks of love.

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April 04, 2021

John 20:1-18

He's Not Here!

Rev. Dianna Davis

Life is hard. So, where do we turn for help? Where do we find encouragement in the hard times of life?  How do we find hope? Many of us can identify with Mary when she went to the tomb while it is still dark. Darkness on the outside and darkness within her soul. Despite the feeling of hopelessness, she makes her way to the tomb to offer the spices they had prepared. 
When we desperately need a word of hope at the end of a long night, The Risen Lord is our hope! God’s word speaks of this hope as “an anchor for the soul” It is often the unspoken strength that allows us to get up every day and face the uncertainties of life. In the midst of our losses and let downs, we can anchor our souls with divine strength.  The hope of Easter is a hope that meets us in the real world. Because He lives we can face tomorrow. The stone that sealed the life and love of God has been rolled away.  And because he lives our hopes are alive in the resurrection of Jesus. so,  if you're looking for Jesus at the tomb he is not there: He is Alive!

Mark 11:1-11

Facing Jerusalem

Rev. Dianne Davis

Disciples of Christ learn to walk in obedience. Obeying God's word! Jesus gave specific instructions to his disciples as they entered Jerusalem. They were told where to find the colt and what to say when questioned about the colt. In our walk in obedience, there will be highs and lows. We will face difficult times. As Jesus faced Jerusalem, so shall you and I face Jerusalem. Jerusalem is representative of significant realities in life that we all have to face. So, how do we face the most difficult time in our life? We face Jerusalem by obeying and trusting in God.

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