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Short-Term Studies


Short-term studies offer a chance to explore something new.  Whether you're new to the Christian faith, or wish to dig deeper, there is a study that is right for you.  Check out one of these courses, or let us help you get one started of your own.  Dates are variable.  Please contact the church office for more information.  Check back often, as different studies are offered throughout the year.

Disciple Class

Disciple is an in-depth study of the Bible.  It is broken into multiple classes.  Disciple I is the foundation course for all of the long-term Disciple classes.  Once you have taken Disciple I, you can participate in any of the subsequent classes.  It is a 34-week course, involving daily Bible study, covering about 70% of the Bible.  Each week, the group meets to watch a video, then share their own insights.


Disciple II: Into the Word, Into the World encourages us to listen to God's ongoing call for our lives through in-depth Bible study.  The 32 week study concentrates on four books: Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts (eight lessons on each book).  This is a 32 week study.


Disciple III: Remember Who You Are takes an in-depth look at the prophets and writings of Paul.  We remember who we are as a community called by God. This is a 32 week study. 


For information on when classes may start, contact the church office.

Alpha Class

ALPHA is a practical introduction to the Christian Faith.  Are you looking for a few answers that could be for you or for a family member or friend?  ALPHA just might provide those answers.  For more information about the program, go to the ALPHA website.

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